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What’s up, guys? Everything Apple here. It’s not often you get a leak, Apple’s upcoming iPhone design ie apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

But today’s, I’ll be sharing with you the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the 6.7 Inch flagship design. It’s pretty much exactly what we expected it to be. But there are many little key differences between the 11 pro max and iPhone 12 pro max or iPhone 12 5G, which I did not perceive.

So let’s get into those details. There’s so much here. First off, I want to say after Escalus printing this, I spent some time with a comparing iPhone 12 Pro Max to the 11 Pro Max series. It’s sleek.

This is in every way an evolution for the iPhone design. And after handling it, it’s it feels amazing.

I mean, this device just fuels futuristic thanks to a huge reduction, embezzles a massive camera and a smaller notch. There are so many little things on the design I did not foresee Apple doing.

And I’d like to cover all of those in this post. And this weekend we’ll be doing another exclusive on the features and more in-depth on the camera and displays, including promotion or 120-hertz refresh rate leaks. So stay tuned for that.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs its predecessor:

What an amazing device! So first off, we 3D printed it as less printed it to get the detail out and comparing it to the 11 pro max.

I was pleasantly surprised with just how futuristic it feels. In no way was the square housing uncomfortable or digging into your palm like I thought it would be.

This is pretty much the design of the iPad Pro in the iPhone. Now, Max Windbag does warn us that it’s 70% complete. This gives us an idea of how the body, the frame will look.

The general camera size and positioning and the notch here is not 100%. So the pictures itself came with the same existing size notch. But some recent leaks from our source gave us information to fill in there.

And I’ll kind of talk about why the shape is the way that it is. Far from confirmed, There was a report back in January by Makita Karro which detailed the iPhone 12 pro max and gave us some specifications.

iphone 12 Pro Max Design:

The size of the lens was growing. The body was seven point four millimetres. And this CAD photos confirms that it’s more than likely that they had these CADs back in January.

And we just now got access to them. So, yes, it is seven point four millimetres. It’s thinner than an 11 pro max.

And you certainly feel it. It is just a little bit of a larger device. Slightly taller and slightly wider, 78 millimetres versus seventy-seven of the eleven pro max.

The display to body ratio is higher now. The bezels are point nine millimetres thinner, meaning it has a much more futuristic look.
The entire phone is larger now.

It’s a 6.7-inch display. So it feels massive. I mean, there is a huge presence to it. The source also confirmed the camera layout on the rear that ios 14 glyphs that we saw earlier. It’s true.

They confirm that is the actual layout of the sizing and spacing of the lenses is not completely correct. But the overall lens is different. First off, it’s about 5 millimetres larger in length and width.

And it’s now a perfect square compared to the eleven pro max, which is a slightly elongated rectangle. The bottom right module is a light or sensor.

Although Apple is testing out a version where the lighter sensor sits on the top right now alongside that CAD model.

When you get in real, real close. The glass itself sits slightly above the frame. Point zero, eight millimetres. Very similar to that of the iPod pro right now.

But generally, it seems like a safer design where if you drop it, not as much glass is exposed as on current models.

There was a separate model. Apple is still not done finalizing the design. So we could see some shift here.

But Apple is looking into two separate prototypes. The other model had a notch that wasn’t as tall but was as wide as current notches on the iPhone.

And this notch that you’re looking at in our design. So the curvature of the notch has changed in the prototype, the notch was the same width, but the curvature was different than the source obtained information that the notch would be shrinking.

It would be just a little larger than the one plus 6 notches. So as a point of reference, that’s how large it could be, slightly larger. And we’ve adjusted the CAD to feature that notch. So the notch not confirmed.

We know roughly how large it could be. Not the curvature. This curvature was on the original CAD notch. So we used it in this smaller version.

Now it’s too early to say whether or not the entire lineup will have a flat edge chassis, although, in Bloomberg’s report, they mentioned that at least two models will the 12 pro series. Now the glass is completely flat

Does 12 Pro Max support 5G? iPhone 12 5G

 Now, in the frame, the antenna bands are now getting wider. They’re now one point eight three millimetres compared to one millimetre on the eleven pro series.

Of course, because of 5G, we knew that Apple is working extensively on new intendant technology and the new models iPhone 12 5G will have higher cellular and Wi-Fi speeds.

So this is a natural result of that. Apple is widening the antenna

12 Pro Max Camera:

Another interesting detail about the camera is the run-up is changing. The way it juts out of the glass on the back is changing.

So the lenses on the current eleven pros are protruded much more than they will on the iPhone 12 pro series.

Those will be almost the new iPod pro like where the lens itself sits closer to the glass.


They don’t jut out as much, but the overall lens run-up will jut out more. Here’s a very crude graphic to show you that.

So as you can see, the eleven pro Maxs run up slightly less. Not as tall, but these 12 pro one is taller, but the lenses themselves do not protrude as much.

This, coupled with a larger lens, means that camera has quite a presence on the back. And it’s a very even looking design.

I honestly like it, but we got one thing wrong with our concept. So disregard this.The light or sensor will likely have an aesthetic ring like the other lenses.

We don’t portray that in our renders right now. In our next exclusive renders will show that it’ll likely be slightly raised for a more even look on the lens. And it’s possible we made the lenses slightly too large in our concept.

We don’t know how much larger they’re getting. But likely about one to two millimetres larger. We’ll work on the spacing. Again, this cad was only 70 percent complete.

The rest was filling in with the sources information. Now, I assume the smaller 6.1 pro model will have the same large camera.

Internal Design:

We can assume that the logic board of iPhone 12 Pro Max is getting moved to the other side of the phone.

And if you remember, compare Roger during the iPhone eleven probe prototyping mentioned that Apple was looking into a new internal layout where the logic board sits up above the battery and the battery being almost square-like shape.

We’ll be taking up the bottom portion of the phone so it would be less L shaped like more square-like it’s possible that that leak was just a year too early. And what’s even crazier is what’s replacing the SIM card tray is a smart connector.

At first, I was a little dubious of this, but seeing it in the cad actually printed. Yes, it looks like a smaller version of the Smart Connector.

It’s just as wide, 3.5 millimetres, the same width as the iPod Pro’s Smart Connector. And from that, we can assume it is a smart connector, just a slightly not as long version.

It’s 21 millimetres, whereas the iPod one is twenty-five millimetres.

Why would Apple add a smart connector to an iPhone? We don’t know. We heard rumours long ago that Apple was working on an Apple pencil for an iPhone or Apple pencil compatibility.

Of course, in its current state, it would not support an Apple pencil.


And speaking of speakers, Max Weinbach source reports that this year’s iPhone will be getting better speakers. There’ll be 10 to 15 percent louder with better dynamic range.

Something I’m very much looking forward to as the speakers have not been getting louder lately. They’ve been getting deeper, better audio, but not louder. So this is good news.

Colours and Looks

But a square design seems more logical for Apple going forward. It seems easier if Apple really is all about miniaturization and getting the most out of every nook and cranny inside the iPhone.

A square design just seems logical where they can be thinner, smaller, but.
Whiter and taller frame. And my impressions after handling the CAD model.

Wow! The bezels being shrunk goes a long way in making this thing feel much more futuristic. That is the thinner frame.

Couple other things from Max Wagenbach, the navy blue colour you’re seeing and a lot of our renders, it is happening.

Apple is looking into it. They’re actually testing out two separate versions of it. Both are fairly dark, but different shades of that.

Navy blue apple is also considering replacing  Midnite Green with a navy blue, which is most likely going to happen. Also, Apple is looking into new colours for the iPhone 12 successor, non-pro model.

And the colours they’re looking into are a light blue, a shade of violet and light orange. Out of those three colours, Apple is considering keeping two.

And it’s unclear whether those will be replacing existing colours. I’d assume so. So let me know what you think of that design.

Personally, I love it that filleted iPad pro design on an iPhone needed to happen long ago, but it’s the perfect designed to erode the new age of iPhone 12 5G in an iPhone.

New Feature of iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Apparently, Apple is trying to bring it to all car manufacturers or at least more. Right now they’re working with BMW.

And they’re even working with Tesla, but Tesla is being prickly about it.

One notable change is that new feature when sharing a song from Apple Music to Instagram Stories now includes a direct link to visit that song and Apple Music.

Apple is getting smarter, trying to get you to subscribe to Apple Music through features.

Price and Release date:

iPhone 12 price:

The iPhone 12 price is expected to be from $649 to $1399;

iPhone 12:$649$749No option
iPhone 12 Max:$749$849Nooption
iPhone 12 Pro:$999$1,099$1,299
iPhone 12 Pro Max:$1,099$1,199$1,399
iphone 12 release date:

It is probable that the new upcoming phones;iPhone 12 pro max and non-pro will be releases in fall of 2020.

Thank you guys, this much for today . If you have any questions related to the post or apple iPhone 12 pro Max you can comment below. I will be glad if you provide Feedback.