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The company was founded in Sweden for the co-founder Jonas Eric Werner and the CEO of the company is Johan Stael Von Holstein. Both gentlemen are very serious and were already very successful business people in Sweden Before Crowd 1.

Empowering the crowd like never before. A dynamic network of productive people.Life-changing benefits through the revolutionary crowd economy. It could be a best way to earn money online in 2021.

The company has offices around the world with employees working for us. Crowd 1 was pre-launch the 25th of January 2019 launched the first of August of the same year.

In March 2020 crowd1 had 2.5 million members worldwide just 13 months after the pre-launch. Therefore Crowd One is now currently one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. We are working in the market of online gambling and gaming an industry that is around three times bigger than the music and movie industry combined.

The gambling market is expected to grow to 504 billion euros by 2022 and the mobile gaming market is expected to grow to 152 billion euros in 2020. Crowd1 is not offering gambling and gaming but instead, there are making contracts with companies that do so they can offer their gambling’s and Gaming’s through Crowdone wants platforms.

AffilGo with gambling and Lottery and migg.ster with games for mobile devices.

It is similar to just eat. They’re not selling food, but they are using their platform to offer customers food from different restaurants and pizzerias and every time a customer buys Pizza fruit just eat just eat receives the fee and that is exactly the same with crowd1. We can earn owner rights and  AffilGo and Migg.ster. Right now crowd1 has a gambling platform Phil go where they have gambling Partnerships with code year come on premium bet SBA and soon l-tech and epic one Lotto where our members in specific countries can play and make bets .Every time someone is gambling or making a bet through crowd1 gets a fee.

How can you make money from Crowd 1?

Every time someone is gambling or making a bet through crowd1 gets a fee.

Eighty per cent of that fee is going into Crowd1 Compensation Plan that is how we are making the money. In November 2020 Crowd1 will launch Migg.ster different gaming Partnerships that offer online gaming.

We expect to have more than 15 million members by the end of this year and with so many members Crowd 1 has far greater opportunities to make agreements with gaming providers worldwide through  AffilGo and Migg.ster. Crowd1 also expects to open other free online platforms within the next six months because of that Crowd one has chosen to convert our ownership rights to crowd1 Rewards.

So we in the future can earn a part of the turnover and all of the platforms that give us a unique opportunity to earn even more in residual income.

Membership or partnership plan in Crowd1:

There are four different memberships. All for memberships gives you a fully online education and training program and gives you the right to gamble or play games for crowd wants platforms as long as you are living in a country where the games are offered.

White Membership

The price for the white membership is 99 Euros and gives you ownership rights for a hundred euros in AffilGo and Mixter 50% in each.

Black Membership

The price for the black membership is 299 euros and gives you ownership rights for 300 Euros.

Gold Membership

Then we have the gold membership and the price but this membership is 799 Euros and gives you ownership rights for a thousand Euros. That means that this membership gives you 25% more in value in owner rights compared to the price of the membership.

Titanium Membership

The highest membership is the titanium membership. The price of this membership is 2499 Euros. It gives you ownership rights for 3500 Euros. That means that this membership gives 40% more in value and owner rights compared to the price of the membership. Until April 15th 2020 Crowdone is running a campaign.

It is very important to know how you choose to start. If you start with a white membership Crowd 1 immediately upgrades it to a black membership at no additional cost to you and with all the benefits of black membership gives you.

If you start with a Black membership, it will be upgraded to a gold membership. And if you start with gold membership, it will be an Upgraded to a titanium membership.

If you start with a titanium membership, it will be upgraded to the Titanium Pro membership.

As I told you before all the ownership rights will be converted to Crowd1 Rewards on the 15th of April this year. So you’re also assured part of the turnover in all of the future platforms.

You can choose to be a passive member or an active member where you can choose to invite people in your network to be a member of the Crowd.

If you choose to be an active member you can earn an income for Crowd1 compensation plan as you are helping Crowd 1 increase their turnover.

You can also upgrade your membership if you want to as you can see all the memberships provide points, which are used to calculate our bonus and the crowd one Compensation Plan.

Compensation Plan: Ways of earning in crowd1

Let’s look at the Compensation Plan. There are five different ways.

1.Start Bonus

If you invite four new members of crowd one within your first 14 days, you will get a start bonus depending on their membership. If you have invited people that have chosen a white membership, you will receive 125 Euros.

If all four of them have chosen a black membership, you will receive 375 Euros in bonus. If they have chosen a gold membership, you will receive 1000 euros and a bonus.

If they have chosen titanium membership, you will receive 3000 Euros in bonus, if you have invited for people and they have chosen different memberships than it is the lowest membership that determines your bonus.

So if you have invited free gold memberships and one black membership, you will receive 375 years in start bonus.

2.Binary Bonus

Then we have the binary bonus as I told you before the four different memberships give a certain number of points to the compensation plan and you will receive 10% of the points.

When a new member joins crowd1 or a member of grades his or her membership to Black Gold or titanium.

The bonus earned is distributed with 10% and ownership rights to AffilGo and 10% in ownership rights to Migg.ster. The remaining 80% will be deposited into your Crowd1 account which you can withdraw at any time.

Crowd One is using a binary system that goes beyond other companies binary systems. Therefore you have a left team and the right team. You have to be binarily qualified to earn a binary bonus. That means that you have to invite a minimum of two people to put one on your left team and one on your right team.

When you have done that you’re earning money immediately. Let me show you some examples. If you have invited two people on the white membership, then you will get paid 10% of 2 x 90 points equal to 18 Euros. We call that ratio 1:1.

Because the points in the left team and the right team are the same the binary bonus is paid out immediately after the transaction has taken place. Since the points are now used to pay bonus the left and right sides of a reset.

Let me show you another example, let’s say that you have 540 points in your left team and you have a new member in your right team that has chosen a black membership that gives 270 points. In this case, you have twice as many points in your left team again, you put all the points together. It gives a total of 810 points of which you get 10% ->81 euros.

We call that ratio 2:1. Again, both sides are reset. In fact, you can earn a binary bonus in ratio 3 to 1 let me show you. Let’s say that you have 3,000 points in your left team and someone in your right team invites a gold member you now have more than three times the number of points in your left team. So the system uses a quarter that means all 720 points in your right team and three quarters from your left team the toll of 2880 points giving you a bonus of 288 euros.

The used points are removed from the two teams. And since there are still points and your left team. They are saved until the new member is subscribed to your right team or member chooses to upgrade. Because you can earn binary bonus all the way down in both the left and the right team Crowd1 has to maximize it. Therefore, the maximum binary bonus you can earn per week is 20000 Euros including the next bonus the matching bonus.

3.Matching Bonus:

The third bonus is the so-called matching bonus. You can earn matching bonus five levels down when you have invited for white members and you are a white member yourself. You will start earning matching bonus, you will get 10% of what your team members in your first level of earning.

Your first level is the people you have invited into crowd1 yourself. So if one of them is, for example, 100 euros and binary bonus, you will earn 10 euros. And you can earn matching bonus Five Levels down depending on your own membership and the number of personal invited members. 


4.Streamline Bonus

Then we have the Streamline bonus. There are 20 levels in the Streamline bonus that are partly dependent on your membership and partly on the number of members of join crowd1 globally after you have joined.

Not just in your team, but for out Crowdone, the Streamline bonus is paid out in owner rights with 50% in AffilGo  and 50% in Migg.ster .As I’ve mentioned before these owner rights will be converted into crowd1 Rewards the 15th of April this year.

5.Residual Income

As soon as you are registered as a member and 250 members are registered globally after you you’re entitled to receive owner rights and two-and-a-half Euros per week.

Even if you have chosen just to be a passive member. Of course, greater demands are placed on the lower levels, as you can see there must be between 4 million and 10 million members in the bottom four levels to have gone into Crowd 1 globally after you.

However, then you will receive between 1500 Euros and 2250. Every week and owner rights and after the 15th of April CrowdOne Rewards. It maybe sounds like too much But, when you look at the fact that from mid-December 2019 and in the following three months 1.5 million members joined Crowd One, it is reasonably realistic to expect that.

We are more than 10 million members by the end of this year. The fifth way to make money. It’s long term residual income a large part of the revenue generated and AffilGo and the other platforms that come in the future and which go down and crop one will be distributed with equal amounts in 18 different pools.

The different titles associated with each pool directly dependent on your earnings in the binary bonus. So the more you and your teams are doing and the more you earn in binary bonus the higher pool you can join .let’s imagine that 1.8million Euros are allocated to these pools a month with 100,000 euros in each.

Of course, there will be significantly more members in the first pools to share the 100,000 euros in the pool and they will be in the pools higher up. For example, if you have obtained the title free store coordinator to have access to pool 6, you will also get paid from pool 1 to 5.

Let’s look at when the individual bonuses are paid out. The start bonus is, of course, paid out after your first 14 days have passed. The binary bonus and the matching bonus are paid out immediately after a member has been registered or a member has upgraded their membership.

The Streamline bonus is settled weekly and the long-term residual income is paid quarterly. However, this will change within the next few months so that it will be paid out monthly.

Why Crowd1? [Impossible = i'm possible]

It is important to mention that Crowd1 is very different from the other network marketing companies. You can never lose your membership level you can never lose your earned level of streamline bonus as it depends on the number of members who join crowdone globally after you and you can never lose your own level of the long-term residual income as it is dependent on you already earned a binary bonus.

It is also important to mention that there are no monthly or annual fees to be paid you pay for your membership when you start it and then it is up to you to decide if you, later on, want to upgrade your membership. Also, there are no demands of weekly or monthly qualifications.

How do you get started you sign up and register on the crowd1 website with reference to the username of the person who invited you? Choose a membership and be aware that until April 15th.

The selected members will be automatically upgraded to the next level at no additional cost to you. Download crowd1 app. Talk to the people, you know and show them this presentation.

If they choose to become a member then help them register to choose a membership download the app talk to the people they know and show them this blog post.

As you can see it is a very simple concept to work with with a unique Compensation Plan that is understandable in which over time can bring a really good residual income the more online platform crowd 1 adds to our concept.

You are on top of the unique situation that you can join from the start Crowdone is just over a year old but has already shown what a powerful concept. This is with approximately 3 million members worldwide. If you see the idea and choose to join Crowd1.

I would like to welcome you to our team .Talk to the person who has shown you this post so they can show you how to get registered and get off to a good start. Thank you for taking the time to watch this Presentation.